Life LEMA aims to foster research solutions to the problem of marine litter with the first meeting of European experts in Biarritz

On September 28, the first meeting of experts of Life LEMA took place in Biarritz. This is the first of the three meetings that will be held during the project. 30 experts from France and Spain participated in this workshop. The common objective of these meetings is to find answers for the improvement of the application of measures related to the  management of floating marine litter.

The meetings are structured around three areas of work, coordinated by Surfrider Foundation Europe. The first axis is about the European Marine Strategy and the collaborative work between the member states to achieve a good environmental status of the marine environment in 2020. The second is about the Common Fisheries Policy and the role of the fishing sector in the collection of  floating marine litter.  Finally, the third axis focuses on territorial policies  and the optimization and coordination of marine litter management among the different local entities.


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