Life LEMA participates in the XIV Spanish Conference on Coastal and Port Engineering in Alicante

El  24 y 25 de Mayo de 2017 se han celebrado en Alicante las XIV Jornadas Españolas de Ingeniería de Costas y Puertos, unos encuentros bienales de carácter científico-técnico en los que se abordan temas de máximo interés relacionados, entre otros, con la gestión y la protección del  litoral.

On May 24 and 25, 2017, the XIV Spanish Conference on Coastal and Port Engineering was held in Alicante. This conference is a scientific-technical  biennial meeting. The topics are related to, among others, management and the protection of the coast.

This edition a new theme has been included in these sessions: “Marine Space Planning and European Marine Strategies”. The objective was to present works related to the study of maritime spatial planning and the Marine Strategies as an instrument for planning the marine environment. The state of the actions of the Life LEMA Project has been presented in this axis.

In addition, the project team met with two guilds located in Alicante. They participate in the initiative Upcycling the Oceans. The team visited the IMEDMAR center in Calpe, promoter of scientific initiatives for the characterization of litter in collaboration with the fishing sector. The Life LEMA team was able to see the experience of the Calpe fleet in the collection of floating marine litter.  They boarded one of the collaborating ships, to see all the operations the fishermen carried out.

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