LIFE LEMA consists of a multidisciplinary and heterogeneous team made of public administrations, research centers and a nongovernmental organization representing the civil society.

The group work LIFE LEMA is made of organism and professional experts in the Maritime and coastal area, in marine litter, in modelling and management. It is managed by the Territorial Council of Guipúzcoa, with the support of the research center AZTI for technical coordination.

The added value of LIFE LEMA is to produce studies and actions that permit a transborder approach of the analysis of the marine litter’s issue, through the creation of a collaboration and transnational actions in search of common solutions.

The partners of the program attest of this transborder approach since they are distributed all over the Spanish and French Pays Basque.

Programa LIFE
Diputación de Guipúzcoa
Rivages Pro Tech
Ayuntamiento de Biarriz
Kosta Garbia