Azti tecnalia


AZTI is a specialized technological center of the Pays Basque (Spain) that belongs the corporation TECNALIA. AZTI develops different projects at local, national and international levels for the protection of the marine environment. Among other tasks, it is a consultant for the local and regional authorities and communities in matters related to the fisheries sector. AZTI also works in the operational oceanography sector, which includes the development and improvement of predictive models, supervision of the marine environment with actual and emerging technologies, study of hydrodynamics and oceanography-weather information systems.

In LIFE LEMA, AZTI is taking care of the project’s technical coordination. It is responsible for the definition of tools to anticipate the evolution of floating marine litter and for the selection of the technology that will be installed on boats to gather waste. This includes supervising boats’ energy consumption and estimating the carbon footprint of the elimination of floating marine litter. It is also in charge of the selection and implementation of a floating barrier in Deba.

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