Biarritz’ municipality

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ayuntamiento de Biarritz

Biarritz’ municipality (France) is a public administration that has always been actively involved in the littoral protection. Biarritz was one of the first cities of the French littoral to obtain environmental quality certification systems under the surveillance of the Environmental department of the municipality, responsible for ensuring the quality of the bathing waters and managing floating marine litter. Biarritz’ municipality encourages environmental education and best practices and has created, to sensitize the population on the necessity to protect oceans, the structure Biarritz Océans. Biarritz Océan is an educative space created by Biarritz’ aquarium and the Cité de l’Océan, dedicated to the discovery of the ocean.

In LIFE LEMA, Biarritz’ municipality is responsible for forming a multidisciplinary group of consultants that will validate the results and maximize the diffusion of the project achievements. It is responsible, just like Guipúzcoa Territorial Council, for the definition of required conditions to create management tools by LIFE LEMA.

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